GTA 5 Cleaner

A tool to clean out mods from Grand Theft Auto 5 for online play, and restore them later.


Get the latest version from the Releases page.

Download for Windows


  1. Download and extract gta5cleaner.exe to the root ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ folder (same place as GTAV.exe)

  2. Double Click and run gta5cleaner.exe

  3. Enter your choice. Either clean or restore

clean : Cleans your GTA 5 Installation of mods leaving you with the Base Game for Online Play

restore : Restores cleaned mods for Single Player


  1. Once the process is completed, press any key to exit the tool and open the game normally

  2. If you use OpenIV or for extra safety, you should verify the integrity of your game files:


Source Code

Git Repository:

Running on Node

  1. Clone/Download the project and copy app.js and essentialFiles.js into the GTA 5 Installation root directory.

  2. Open Command Prompt inside the GTA V Installation root directory and run node app.js

Compiling a Windows Executable

Executables are compiled with a very specific version of nexe that allows access to the filesystem, which has a tricky setup procedure.

Installing the correct version of nexe

Run install_nexe_win.bat as admin on Windows, will take about 5 minutes to install fully.

Alternatively, install manually like this:

  1. Firstly, install the general nexe globally with the command:

     npm install -g nexe
  2. In the project root folder build some executables with this version of nexe to download node binaries for Windows:

     nexe . --target win32-x86-10.13.0

    This will download the binaries we need for later, and delete the executables built with this for now.

  3. Now we need to install a specific version of nexe that allows access to the filesystem:

    Run the command:

     npm install -g cspotcode/nexe#19a5046

Now we should have the correct version of nexe for building.

Confirm by running:

nexe -v

Check that the version is 4.0.0-beta.4

Compiling the exe

Run build_win32.bat on Windows to build a Windows Executable. This can be found in /dist.

To Compile Manually

To build a Windows Executable, run the command:

nexe . --target win32-x86-10.13.0 -o ./dist/gta5cleaner.exe

in the root directory of the project.


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