A full feature social network, built on Ruby on Rails.


A clean and minimal interface...

Uses W3CSS to create a friendly and modern user interface to help navigate the site.


Users can create text-based posts, which can be edited and deleted by the owner.


Uses Devise to create and manage users, with their own profile and posts.

Users can create an account from the home page, and use this to log in to the site. Usernames and E-mails must be unique.

Users can use the settings panel to manage their registration, changing the e-mail, username, profile picture and password. Their current password must be entered to authenticate changes.

A user's Profile page filters and displays all their posts.

Likes and Comments

Users can can like and comment on each other's posts.

Users may like any post that is their own, and they can undo this action anytime they wish. The number of likes a post has recieved is displayed.

Users can comment on any post, and may delete their own comments at any time. Users may delete any comments on their posts.


Users can hold friendship relations with each other.

Users can send a friend request to other users, and can cancel this at any point.

A friendship is created on accepting this, and can then be removed by either user.

Direct Messaging

Friends can create a conversation to allow for sending and recieving Direct Messages.

In a conversation, users can send each other text-based private messages.

Users can block messages by removing their friendship.


A notification panel alerts users to incoming Friend Requests and Unread Messages.

Additionally, there are notifications about activity on the user's posts.

Notification badges are also displayed on the top panel.


Check out the source code on GitHub to build and contribute.